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Mission and Vision

Glenhurstfollows a Strategic Sourcing process to optimize our supply chain activities by coordinating and leveraging the purchasing and procurement of commodities from a select group of preferred suppliers. Glenhurst Strategic Sourcing provides a cohesive inbound supply chain that maximizes the value of all products and services procured by all of our worldwide locations, providing exceptional global operating efficiencies and innovation.

Through the creation of distinct commodity groupings, we can identify and manage pertinent market trends and economic drivers that affect cost and availability. This also allows us to better manage our purchasing processes to accommodate regional sourcing, capacity management and other variables. Cooper Strategic Sourcing utilizes technology solutions to consolidate material and service spending across the company into one database. The technology helps us consolidate and leverage our buying power, as well as giving us the visibility to ensure that sourced materials and services are being procured from our preferred suppliers.

Glenhurst Strategic Sourcing, in conjunction with Divisional Sourcing Leaders, Regional Sourcing Centers, and other functional groups, determines and implements the progressive supply chain strategies necessary for company competitiveness and growth.

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